17 October 2010

Ah, Season 15 - so few photos! We know rampant inflation was affecting production of the show and it seems an on-set photographer was an easy cutback. Or there was just less need for photos in those days. Either way, this year's stories are always a bit of a struggle to come up with anything interesting or new as options are so limited. I'm really not looking forward to doing The Sun Makers (although I am intrigued to see if the DVD's photo gallery turns up any unseen gems).

So with few choices, I had to forego my usual focus on a story's villains and go with one of those shots of Herrick with Tala in his arms. Well, he is the most belligerent of the Minyans! The disc had some useful shots of the P7E set to use as a background, replacing the windows with a photo of a cave wall, treated to look like they're glowing red hot as the ship is buried. I didn't want this to be the entirety of the illustrations, however, but photos from the later episodes when the true villains turn up are even fewer (and the real baddy's a faceless computer anyway). So I went with the only decent shot of the Overseers I could find, adding in the gene banks from a screengrab. Finally I used a detail from the spaceship set - the shape of the lights on the pedestals - as a divider between the two sections.

Download the final UNDERWORLD cover here

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