Printing our covers

To download a cover for printing, click on its large preview image. This will download a .zip file containing the hi-res (200dpi) JPEG file of the cover. If the download isn't automatically decompressed by your browser, use Stuffit Expander on a Mac or Winzip on a PC to extract the cover. Don't download the preview image itself or save it to disk. It's very low resolution and too small to fit a DVD case. Download the linked .zip file for the full-size, full-resolution cover.

We recommend printing the covers on high-quality glossy paper. Our experience suggests that printer manufacturer-branded paper gives the best results - cheaper, generic paper has always given us poor results.

We print our covers straight from Adobe Photoshop running under Mac OS X to an Epson Stylus D120 in Photo mode, setting the paper to A4, the orientation to landscape and choosing the maximum print area option. If you don't apply this setting, the cover may not be printed in full (although the dimensions of a DVD cover are 272x184mm so should fit comfortably on an A4 sheet). If any of you have successfully used other software, operating systems and/or printers, please email us and let us know how you did it. We'll include your instructions here for other viewers.

For Windows XP users, reader Jules has the following advice: "I'm using Windows XP and found that Windows Photo Printing Wizard could not print at the correct size. However, Microsoft Paint - of all things - is capable of printing in the correct dimensions. First go into Page Setup and adjust the margins from the default 19.1mm to 5mm on left, right, top and bottom. Then select Landscape. Exit Page Setup and then go back in and check that Fit to: says 1 by 1 pages. If this is correct then go ahead and print. You can print several covers without changing the settings again, but if you close Paint and then go back in, you'll have to change the defaults again."

Finally, we recommend trimming your cover using a paper knife or scalpel rather than scissors. If you use a blade, make sure you use a steel rule and either a thick cardboard base (don't use corrugated card - it makes cutting uneven) or a plastic cutting mat. And watch your fingers!

Remove your BBC cover and replace it with your Velvet Jacket cover, lining up the spine with the notches of the case hinges and centring the cover vertically between the ridges at the top and bottom of the case.