The Brain of Morbius

21 December 2008

A new cover, at last! Apologies again for the inordinate delay in completing my 'Brain of Morbius' cover. As I've mentioned before, I was holding out for a decent colour picture of the Morbius monster in a pose that suited the composition as you see it, but even after working my way through a huge pile of DWM back issues I recently bought through eBay (not solely for this purpose, but to fill the large gap in my collection when I stopped buying the mag in the 90s) I still couldn't find what I wanted. So in the end I had to colour a black-and-white photo scanned from Peter Haining's 'The Time-Travellers' Guide' (a nice, big, full-page shot). Which means, yes, I could have just done that months ago, but after the case with 'Black Orchid' (where I did finally find a better shot of Nyssa but ages after I'd finished the cover) I chose to wait.

And after all that, not hugely worth the wait (in my opinion). One of my more standard compositions and, apart from the colouring of Morbius, not a great amount of work needed to tidy up the images. All pretty straightforward, but I hope you enjoy the result nonetheless. And so on to 'Battlefield' - plenty of shots of the Big Bad for that one!

Download the final BRAIN OF MORBIUS cover here

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