The Key To Time - Region 2

22 September 2007

Thank goodness I managed to get my Season 16 covers finished before this year, cos trying to produce six covers in a month or so would have killed me! Although with the increased release rate, who knows what next year may bring? Gulp!

So a straightforward update, with the new Region 2 extras included and the BBFC certificate added. The only changes I've made to the front illustrations are to remove an element from the 'Pirate Planet' that was accidentally left in from an alternative version I had initially tried (a non-prize to anyone who spots the difference!), and on the 'Stones of Blood' I replaced the thick black outline around Cessair with a less harsh drop shadow and a little glow from the sunrise.

Finally, as I wasn't writing these updates when I did the 'Power of Kroll' cover, and as I'm rather pleased with the background image - drawn completely from scratch, no photo manipulation at all - click here for a clean version without the Doc and Thawn in the way.

Download the final KEY TO TIME covers here

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