Genesis of the Daleks

5 May 2006

Boy am I sick of cutting out Daleks!

What with the covers for 'Revelation', the new series, 'The Daleks' and now this, I feel like I do nothing but cut around blasted pepperpots these days. I dearly hope after three Dalek stories out on DVD in under a year that we get a break from them for a good while. Besides, there aren't any decent ones left to release (except maybe 'Day') so there's no hurry!

Anyway, here's my 'Genesis' cover at last - a little delayed, for which apologies (don't you just hate it when real life gets in the way of Who?). While I'm pleased with the final result, it's not quite how I first pictured it. I always had in my head the images I wanted to use, but there the Dalek, Davros and Nyder loomed much more menacingly over the Doctor as he deliberated with the wires. When it came to the execution, of course, the actual photos weren't at quite the right dramatic angle to really convey that 'ganging up behind him' feel, but I hope there's a sense of it there still. No? Oh well.

Download the final GENESIS OF THE DALEKS cover here

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