The Chase

24 October 2010

Well here we are, my 100th Classic Who DVD cover illustration! I thought for some time how I could perhaps do something a bit special for such a milestone, but decided I didn't want the illustration itself to be too different from the norm else it would stand out oddly among the rest, and not being able to print it with foil blocking or something, I turned to choosing a story that perhaps justified being wrapped in my centenary cover. Sadly this year has been one of rather middling releases and nothing leapt out at me as celebration-worthy. Then I remembered I hadn't completed The Chase and, while near the bottom of the league in terms of Dalek stories, this has been there sole appearance this year.

I had done rough sketches for this and The Space Museum before taking my summer break from the covers. For this I had wanted a slightly cartoony feel to reflect the nature of the story, hence the framed panels. In fact, I did consider back in the spring using Illustrator to produce a comic-strip look, and with this is mind used Photoshop filters on the mock-up to highlight the edges and outlines to suggest how it might look. Revisiting the idea now, while I still liked the concept I decided it would take too long at a time when I already have a lot of catching up to do, so stuck with my usual Photoshop techniques but kept the strong colours and contrast.

Download the final CHASE cover here

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