Mac OS X Dashboard widget

13 August 2005

A little bonus for Mac OS X 'Tiger' users: Velvet Jacket's very own Dashboard widget! This displays thumbnails of our covers in a random order at a rate set by you.

Download the widget by clicking on the link below. The Zip archive should automatically uncompress and ask you if you want to install the widget (click 'Install'!). If it doesn't, simply locate the .wdgt file in your Downloads folder and move it into your Library/Widgets folder. Press F12 to view your widgets, click on the '+' symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and scroll along the menu of widgets until you see the VJ logo. Drag this to anywhere on your desktop to activate the widget.

Hover your mouse pointer over the bottom right-hand corner of the widget to see the standard 'i' button. Click and the widget will flip over, allowing you to select whether you want it to show the full covers or just the artwork, and the interval at which it updates in minutes or seconds (we recommend a few seconds). Click 'Done' to flip back to the front of the widget.

Click on any cover while it's displaying to be taken instantly to the Web page where that cover can be downloaded; or if you're viewing the artwork, click to go to the appropriate VJ Gallery page.

Thanks to James O'Gorman for help with building and coding the widget. Anyone trying out the widget, please do email me with any problems or comments.

Now, when you're using any widget, you can enjoy a slideshow of VJ covers!
Download the VJ WIDGET here

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