Paradise Towers

18 December 2011

Pretty straightforward composition for this one (don't know why it took me so long). The elements were obvious: the Chief Caretaker and Cleaner were a must, and with the Doctor I was sure they'd be enough to fill the space -- any other characters would have just cluttered it I think. Finding appropriate images was the hardest thing. There are quite a few of the Cleaners but I needed one at just the right angle to look like it was creeping up on the Doctor.

The background took the most thought. Given the foreground characters, I did consider mocking up the basement, but decided in the end the title of the story would be better represented by one of its corridors, the sets for which have many easily recognisable elements such as the distinctive window shapes. This also allowed me to add in some wallscrawl that seemed a key aspect of the story.

Download the final PARADISE TOWERS cover here

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