The War Machines

25 August 2008

First off, apologies for the delay to the 'Brain of Morbius' cover. Apart from real-life stuff getting in the way, this one's proving a pain to complete, mainly because of the photo resources I'm limited to (I'll explain in full when the cover's finished). However, rather than delay further covers while I struggle with Morbius, I've put that to one side so I could get 'The War Machines' done on time. The DVDs are coming thick and fast over the next month, so your guess is as good as mine as to what order my covers will appear in! 'Four to Doomsday' I suspect will be late as I want to see what photos are used in the disc's gallery before I finalise the design for that, whereas 'The Trial of a Time Lord' is on track now I know I need to do four covers instead of just one (sigh). Sadly, Morbius probably won't get it's due time on the home page now, so keep an eye out for it popping up on the 1973-1980 page sometime.

As for 'The War Machines', well, I don't think it will have surprised anyone - Billy, War Machines, Post Office Tower, how unexpected! To be fair, those are the key elements of the story. I've never seen a photo, other than a screen grab, of any of the human bad guys, or even of Wotan it(him?)self, so what's a guy to do? I was slightly disappointed to end up using the same War Machine shots as the official cover, but being at a low angle they work best with the PO Tower in the background (which is, I suspect, the same reason Clayton used them). Less-common side-on shots would have ruined the perspective. I was pleased to get hold of a contemporary photo of the Tower itself, though, so no need to paint out all the dishes that have been added since.

Download the final WAR MACHINES cover here

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