Leather Jacket

21 November 2005

Now the Series One boxset has hit the shops, I'm very pleased to announce the addition of a new subsite to Velvet Jacket: Leather Jacket.

Here you'll find my alternative DVD covers for the New Series releases. Because, like the VJ covers, they're intended as replacements for official product, they're produced to reflect the content of those disks: ie, not individual episodes or bespoke combinations of stories and Confidential episodes. If I tried to cover every possible permutation people had recorded on their own DVDs, I'd be here till doomsday! So there are versions for the four volumes of vanilla releases, and equivalents with extras listed plus a fifth Confidential cover for anyone splitting up their boxset releases.

Similarly, as it's a new series, there's a new design. Sorry to anyone who would prefer New Series covers in the existing VJ style for consistency, but it just didn't work. Besides, I'm in the camp that's quite happy with a distinction between Classic and New Series, and fancied designing something new myself anyway, hence the creation of Leather Jacket as a separate area to Velvet Jacket. While the original motivation for VJ, of replacing the unpopular 'roundel' covers of the Classic DVDs, didn't apply for these (and I quite like the vanilla release covers), I've had enough emails asking if I was going to do New Series covers that I thought it was worth producing an alternative for anyone who wants one, or who wants to stick their Tardis boxset packaging in the attic.

I hope you like the covers - please do send any comments to the usual email address

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