25 June 2006

Okay, it's orange, there's lava and fire, and the Brig in an eyepatch. But honestly, what else can you do for 'Inferno'? At least I got Stahlman on there, which I don't think many other covers have managed. :)

The original idea for the stream of lava was to divide the cover into 'real world' and 'parallel world' halves, with the Primord representing the latter. But when I came to research pictures for the story I found they were mostly from the parallel world scenes anyway. And as I, of course, had to have the Brigade Leader on there - that eyepatch is iconic! - the original idea went out the window. The other compromise was to use that photo of the Doctor, which I'd hoped to avoid as it had been used on the video cover (although at least here it looks like Jon Pertwee!). But I couldn't find a better shot, I had a nice hi-res copy of that one, and it just fitted the layout so well.

Download the final INFERNO cover here

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