The Hand of Fear

29 July 2006

Those publicity photos of Lis Sladen holding the stone hand are just so iconic of this story that, like the official BBC cover and practically every fan version I've seen, I couldn't not use one. While it's nice to do something different from the norm, there's no point cutting your nose off to spite your face. Although notice, I've added in the missing finger - it just seemed to make the hand more alive and grasping.

The other significant bit of work was to put a new head on Tom Baker. The body is from one of the pics of the Doctor looking down at the hand (a slightly different one to that featured on the back cover), but it seemed odd on the front cover for him to be facing down. So I took one of the shots of Tom in the quarry with his hand to his head and transplanted it. This required adding in a bit of neck, which I feel is obvious when you look at it, but hopefully doesn't appear too bad from a distance (or once it's printed).

Download the final HAND OF FEAR cover here

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