Four to Doomsday

5 October 2008

Where does the time go? One minute my DVD is plopping through the letterbox and I can at last get some suitable photos for the cover; the next, 'Trial' has been out a week and 'Four to Doomsday' is still unfinished! Though to be fair it's partly my fault (and's). I was all set to complete this cover last weekend, when my 'Trial' DVD turned up on the Saturday, for once, and pushed 'Four to Doomsday' from the top of my list. Sorry.

Anyway, it's done now and is, I think, my first cover composed entirely from grabs from the disc's photo gallery. It's not that there aren't quite a few photos from the story in print and online, they're just a bit ropey on the whole and didn't suggest any great compositions to me. Fortunately the DVD itself has a fulsome photo gallery, as usual - although surprisingly few of Paul Shelley as Persuasion. When I was replacing the heads of the three Urbankans, as those in the full shot of them seated were rather indistinct, I had to use a screengrab from the programme for him. Unfortunately, this also means none of them is actually looking at the Greek tragedy being played out before them, but perhaps that can be taken as indicative of their indifference to the Recreationals.

Now the cover's completed, I'll give it a week on the home page before I put the 'Trial' covers up, which are all done but for the back-cover images. And don't worry, I still haven't forgotten 'The Brain of Morbius'. If I can't find the photo I want soon, I'll go with something else. Besides, we have a long gap now until 'Battlefield' is out, so it'll be nice to have something new before then. It may even get it's time on the home page after all.

Download the final FOUR TO DOOMSDAY cover here

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