Destiny of the Daleks

1 December 2007

As soon as I heard 'Destiny' was coming out on DVD, I recalled an image of a group of Movellans standing pointing their guns, and pretty much instantly decided on one of my two-panel covers: the Movellans and Doctor in one, Davros and the Daleks in the other. Finding said shot proved trickier! I was convinced it was in 'The Doctor Who Technical Manual' but was quickly proved wrong. A hunt through my collection of Who hardbacks eventually turned it up in Peter Haining's 'Doctor Who - The Time Travellers' Guide'. What the Technical Manual did have was one of several shots of the Daleks in their control room, which I knew I wanted for the top panel, so it wasn't a wasted look. Davros came from issue 99 of DWM, which left only the Doctor to find. From memory, I could only think of shots of him and Romana or the one of them running from the Movellan ship, none of which was suitable. But trusty Tragical History Tour provided a couple of photos of the Doc in the TARDIS repairing K-9's brain. The best body shot had him looking at a slightly downward angle, so I replaced his head with another at a better angle. After that, the cover came together very simply, with just some straightforward cutting out and compositing of extra Daleks and Movellans into their respective panels.

Download the final DESTINY OF THE DALEKS cover here

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